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 Shooting Style

Everyone has a style. Their own eye for beauty and creativity in trying to show that in their work. I didn't know what mine was or that I had one, until one day a client said that they liked my use of negative space. I thought on that and looked through some of my previous shots and videos and there was usually a prominent an openness showcased in them, and normally it was on the left-hand side. There are lots of different styles, people showcasing blown out colors or light, those who will ALWAYS keep the subjects centered, those who stick to old school styles from the 90s (like Sears photos). Not that any of these are good or bad or better than each other, they're just different styles and preferences by the artist. And it's up to the client to decide what they prefer, what will best for their story and also what fits their budget



Presence at Event

This is pretty important. I've had couples who just did not want to be bothered at all, and others who tried taking and setting up shots due to them knowing exactly what they wanted, and then there were those who wanted to be told exactly what to do all throughout the day, not just the posed pics, like on how they should walk or stand. This is a good thing to share with the photo, video or DJ service you're interested in hiring. What your (or your parents) preference is on how the day goes. If you have a wedding planner, such as Esther Yeager of Plan it Events, they normally have a good sense of what's going on and how it all works, and they could probably get you set up with someone who can match your style and personality quite well.



Do They Work Well With Others?

Luckily I've only had issues with this a few times. Two different companies or persons shooting at an event, and they have certain shots they're both wanting to get. Sometimes the timing and location are way too similar, such as a first kiss during the ceremony. If your photographer doesn't crouch, or if your videographer can't move, it may end up that you have a missed shot of that. Once I worked with a DJ who seemed friendly and all, but throughout the night he seemed to be less than helpful as far as keeping the photographer and I informed on what was going on. We ended up asking the wedding coordinator for what was going on next.



 Copyrights and Ownership of Photos

Something you'd probably like to know is whether you'll be receiving all of the photos (or at least the good/edited ones) from the photographer. There's a wide range of how they do this, from giving you complete use of any and all photos they send you to only allowing you to see the images with watermarks so that the client will have to purchase any individual prints (they may throw in x amount for the package you purchased but this isn't always the case). Usually, you can find this in the paperwork but it would be wise to go over it with the Photographer as well. As far as video goes, I offer a highlight reel along with a full-length edit of the wedding day, which incorporates as many shots as I can form the day. Sometimes I take a clip such as a special dance or funny moment that wouldn't fit in the full video and upload it by itself for the couple to enjoy and share. I've had a couple of clients ask for raw footage, but it's a very rare thing.


Post ProductionTime

How long after your event are you wanting your photos and/or video back? Will your photo and video people be able to meet that goal? In East Texas, I believe the average is 4-8 weeks on returning finished projects. I try to have the highlight reel (or some highlight pics) done within a couple of days, to act as a teaser for the full video or all the photos. Sometimes though, especially during the spring busy season, people get backed up or a project gets forgotten. These people are human after all. More than likely, they probably aren't intentionally avoiding you or your special day. Ask up front before the event what the time on the return should be, and if the estimate is off keep in contact with them they should keep you on the up and up.