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Mineola Nature Preserve

The Mineola Nature Preserve


 I have enjoyed visiting the Mineola Nature Preserve since I was in High School, way back in the mid-2000's. It's always been a tranquil place that I can travel through the woods of East Texas with a decent trail and plenty of wildlife and ponds to visit along the way. I was out there on August 11, 2017, and decided to record some footage of the Beaver Pond, so that anyone could enjoy it all year round.



 Plenty of insects out on that muggy hot day, and the wind was just about perfect, a nice light constant breeze to keep me from losing too much of my sanity. This was about three-quarters of a mile in, carrying about 20 lbs of gear, and I haven't exercised in about 2 years. It was an eye opening experience for sure! Anyways, the preserve was just so green and the plant life seemed to be all in full force, some still in bloom, but that greenness of everything was almost overwhelming. Luckily I could still see the rock paths to get out there, very thankful that those were made.



 Also, I am thinking of making this a periodical thing, as I find more reasons to get outside and enjoy all that life and nature has to offer. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on this, feel free to comment on the youtube video or send an email! I appreciate your time, and thanks for checking this out.







 Shooting Style

Everyone has a style. Their own eye for beauty and creativity in trying to show that in their work. I didn't know what mine was or that I had one, until one day a client said that they liked my use of negative space. I thought on that and looked through some of my previous shots and videos and there was usually a prominent an openness showcased in them, and normally it was on the left-hand side. There are lots of different styles, people showcasing blown out colors or light, those who will ALWAYS keep the subjects centered, those who stick to old school styles from the 90s (like Sears photos). Not that any of these are good or bad or better than each other, they're just different styles and preferences by the artist. And it's up to the client to decide what they prefer, what will best for their story and also what fits their budget

5 Things I Wish I Knew When Graduating

Be Thankful

        You've made it! You reached a HUGE milestone in your life, managing to overcome all your struggles in life. Be it your grades, bullies, chaos at home, your fears and doubts on yourself, they could not keep you down so good for you! Not everyone gets the chance to make it this far, so it’s a testament to your drive and focus. Be sure to tell those who have helped you out along the way and make time to celebrate any of your future accomplishments.